Blocks: The measurements given on the website are the size of the design. When choosing a stencil, try to find one that is 1/2" - 1" SMALLER than the size of your finished block. For example- if your finished block is 12", then you will need to find an 11" design. If a design is not a standard square, the measurement given will be the larger measurement of either the width or height.
Borders: Borders are measured by the width. Again, choose a design 1/2"-1" smaller than the finished width of your border. For example, if your border design is 4" finished, you can use a 3" or 3.5" design.
Corners: If you click on the "View Details" tab below the design you will be able to see the measurement of all three sides. Generally, the corners are sized to fit half of the same size block. For example, a 6" corner will fit in half of a 6" block.
If you have an unusual size area to fill, or are unsure of what size you should get, please contact us for help ordering.
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