Frequently Asked Questions

What are the stencils made out of?

Our stencils are made out of a lightweight plastic. They are reusable and durable. The plastic is slightly opaque to help in positioning the stencil on your project.


How do I pick the right size stencil?

The sizes of the stencils on the website and in the catalog are the size of the actual design (a 9" stencil means the actual design is 9" at its widest point). Because of this, when choosing a design, you want to choose a stencil that is 1/2"-1" smaller than the size of your FINISHED block. This will give you a good spacing within your block or border while still filling it. The only difference to this rule, is with corner designs. With corner designs the size of the stencil is the size of the corner it will fit in. To determine the size of your corner, use the side measurement (one of the two equal sides- not the long side). In this case, an 8" corner design will fit into a corner which has an 8" side. As corner designs can be difficult to measure and fit, you are welcome to e-mail or call to make sure the design you are going to order will fit in your space. We would be happy to help you find the right size or design.


Can I iron my preprinted wholecloth?

Yes! Iron your mini or full sized wholecloth from the back on a medium setting. The important thing to remember is to EMPTY ALL THE WATER FROM YOUR IRON FIRST. Heat will not set the lines, but water will remove them!


How do I remove the lines from my preprinted wholecloth?

When you are completely finished quilting, soak your quilt in cool water, with NO SOAP. The length of time to remove the lines will vary, with some disappearing right away and others taking longer. All lines should disappear within an hour of soaking. Do not remove lines by spraying or dabbing with water. This will only force the ink down into your batting, damaging the quilt later on. You need to soak the quilt to completely remove the ink. If you are planning on using colored thread or other fabrics, be sure to test their color fastness prior to soaking.


My Marking Pencils keep breaking, what can I do?

We recommend only marking about 10-12" and then sharpen the tip. This will keep you from unintentionally marking too hard or letting it get too dull. Use a hand sharpener or a battery operated sharpener to get a good point. Do not use any kind of sharpener that will put pressure or vibrations on the pencil- as it will cause the chalk to break inside the pencil shaft. Be careful with your pencils, they are sturdy, but the chalk mixture can be fragile, if the pencils are dropped or handled roughly. If you still experience problems with your chalk pencils breaking try putting them in the freezer overnight. This will freeze the clay mixture in the pencil and you should be able to mark without the tips breaking!


Do you ship to other countries?

Yes! We have been happily serving the international quilting community for over 20 years! Every day we ship to many countries all over the world. If you would like a shipping quote prior to ordering, you can put the items into your shopping cart, then click to view your cart and click the button to estimate shipping/ The shipping cost is based on the size and weight of the package and what country it is going to. We ship by US Postal Service, either 1st Class International or Priority Mail International. Please Note: We are still experiencing delivery delays due to Covid on many of our international orders. The estimated delivery times are only estimates and may take longer depending on the U.S. and other customs offices. None of the shipping options are *guaranteed* except for USPS Express Mail. If your package takes longer to arrive, the U.S. Postal service will NOT issue a refund. Also note that the only options that actually track your package are Priority and Express. 1st Class will scan the package occasionally to give you an idea of where it is, but will not always be up to date. We will do our best to help you if your package is delayed, but often are unable to do any more than just request a missing mail search or update you on where your package was last scanned. 

***Currently the USPS is taking up to 90 days to deliver 1st Class International packages and up to 30 days to delivery Priority International***

*** Please note, each country has different policies on duty and import taxes and those will be the customers responsibility. You will be notified directly by your home customs office as to what taxes may be due. 


What is your return policy?

Please review our return policy in the link on the "Shipping and Returns" tab at the top of the page.


Where is my order?

If all of the items you have ordered are in stock the order will be shipped within 2 business days. If any items are out of stock your order will be held for completion. This may take from 1-4 weeks- depending on our manufacturers cutting schedule. If you have any special time constraints or a need to have us contact you regarding your split-shipping options please contact us if you have not placed a note on your online order (you were prompted to enter any special notes at the Order Review section). While we make every attempt to process orders in a timely fashion, we are a small company with only three employees and often cannot contact each customer to let them know the status of their order. We thank you for your patience and understanding.
Why is a price different on the website versus the catalog?
We print our catalogs once a year. In the event that a price changes mid-year we must cover our loss and change the price of the product. We make every effort to immediately update the prices on the website, and customers ordering through the mail and phone will be notified of a price increase when ordering. Some items on our website already include extra shipping built into the price that would be added separately in our catalog. Also, we have sale items which are available online only.
*Prices in our catalog are effective January 1st, 2016 and are subject to change.
We will notify the customer if a posted price has changed before shipping any orders.*


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